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Twinks on Yupo Re-Release over on ICREATE FLIX!

Twinks on Yupo Re-Release over on ICREATE FLIX!
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Twinks On Yupo with- Jodi Ohl Beginner Workshop by Jodi Ohl -

Just a quickie post to let you know I'm running a super special on one of my online classes. We are expanding our audience by offering this fun filled water media class over at   Officially the class opens on 8/1/14. When you pre-register, we are offering a 15.00 discount off the regular price.  You will have extended access of this class over at Icreateflix which is HUGE.!   Work at you own pace, 24/7!

Did I mention the fact that the folks over at Colourarte are offering the first students to sign up for Twinks on Yupo  a 90 day coupon that can be used multiple times for supply purchases on their webstore?  Order from their extensive catalog of over 200 Twinkling H20 colors!!

*This class features contemporary watercolor painting using Twinkling H20s on Yupo paper.

What are you waiting for?   Join us today and save!

*After 8/1 the price for the class will be 60.00

23  videos and over 4 hours of content!

*This is a re-release of my class so if you've already taken Twinks On Yupo this is the same content as offered on Colourarte.  Please note, the special offer is only for the class on :)

Twinks On Yupo with- Jodi Ohl Beginner Workshop by Jodi Ohl -


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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

News and Specials for YOU!

Hello July!   

Lots of fun stuff going on in my neck of the woods, how about you?    Next week I'm heading to New Jersey for the 3rd year teaching at Create Mixed Media Retreats.  Funny how time sneaks up on you, in my head I had all of June to prepare for it, and in a lot of ways I did...samples done, extra inventory for the art show stocked up--but man oh man, where did June go? I'm doing the 'last minute' dance as I speak!  In addition to getting ready for Create (which by the way, there are still seats open in any of my 5 classes~ check out the listings HERE!) If you can't join me in fear, I am also going to be in Chicago in August, and Dallas in September.  Check out all of the listings here, and if you have ANY questions just let me know! You can email me at  jodiohl AT hotmail dot com.   As most of my students know by now, I load them up with info, techniques, freebies, prizes and more during the course of each jam packed workshop!
"Mini City"
In addition to my funky houses, don't be surprised to see lots of colorful and texture filled abstracts. I'm loving them more and more as I grow as an artist.  Abstracts are a lot harder to do well then most people assume, well I love a challenge and see lots of potential for growth...and maybe even more classes down the road!.    This piece, "Fear Nothing" represents a bit of transformation for me in my style,  yet still remains true to my love for strong, unique color combinations and layers of  juicy texture.  BTW..I'm offering a VERY short term and super duper special in my shop starting today and running through the 4th.  Take 20% off with this code:
Other fun stuff happening in June...I spent the large majority of my time working on my online class, "Extreme Portraits".  Oh my.  The group of students I've had to the pleasure of working with have just been amazing.  I can't believe some of the work that's been created!!!  While the live portion of the class is winding down, it's not too late to join in on the fun as the self study portion is accessible from the time you sign up and on for 12 months. As a teacher, I still am available if you have questions even though it's a self study. What are you waiting for? Sign up here, today!
For the latest classes information, be sure to check out the top tabs on my blog (BTW...there is a few pieces of BIG EXCITING news coming about upcoming just may be an INTERNATIONAL ONE!!!!!).
Upcoming workshops in person:
 More Online classes:

Stop by ReMe to win one of two big prizes this week from Jean Skipper!

 I'm sure there's much more I forgot to mention but I don't want y'all to be as overloaded as me! I'll leave you with this reminder:

Our Dreams are Only One Yes Away...
Follow your heart and put your feet in motion towards them!

Until next time! 
Artfully Yours,
Jodi Ohl

Monday, June 09, 2014

Memories Of May ReMe Blog Hop
Today kicks off a "Magical Memory Tour" of our first ReMe Retreat event ( changing moments..what words truly fit?) where all of the founders of ReMe including myself,  Jean Skipper, Penny Arrowood, and Theresa Zurku   and even some of the students of our May event are sharing some of the wonderful memories that we made just a short month ago, so you can be a part of it all, too!
 Each Monday in June we will be having a blog hop starting on the blogs of each of the participants then landing on our ReMe blog where you also have an opportunity to win a handmade goodie or treasure from our event. The giveaways will all be hosted on ReMe where you simply have to leave a comment to enter to win!  Ez Peezy..right? 

The smile on my face is saying I can not believe that after 2 years of planning, in only a few short hours we are about to embark on a journey of a lifetime. This shot was taken as I waited for my fellow partners in crime down in Whale Bone Junction  Sunday morning prior to the event.   We all caught up with each other there so we could finish of the last of our shopping and put the final details on all the necessities we needed to gather to make this the most memorable event our guests had ever experienced.

You can't help but to get excited about a journey when you are surrounded by sand dunes, water, and anticipation, right??   The Outer Banks is unlike any other place I've been..not that I've been tons of places, but I know we have a treasure of the world right in our back yard here in North Carolina.  

As we all met, finished our shopping--it was time to head on the Hatteras ferry to Ocracoke. That part of the trip itself really set the tone for the week ahead...relaxing, inspiring, anticipatory, and full of pure joy and happiness.  There was no doubt in my mind that we were on our way to create something magical between us...but at the same time, you can't help be just a little anxious. Would everyone get along? Would the event run smoothly?  Would our guests be happy?  Could we actually pull this off??

The answers lie ahead......stop by on the ReMe blog for the rest of the story and to enter to win an original painting of mine!

Friday, June 06, 2014

Live Painting...a peek behind the scenes!

Ya...I had to 'work' the other weekend. Funny how when you do what you love, it doesn't seem like work at all. Not that it's not hard, tiring, draining at times especially when you work for yourself it's hard to know when to draw the line between stopping and starting...but it's also fun, exciting, inspirational, and I'm completely blessed to be able to share what I do with others.
 Spreading the love, one brush stroke at a time. Here's a fun little video of me starting an abstract--36 x 60 during our downtown street festival in Aberdeen, NC. I was asked to put up a booth with my art in it but after just coming back from two major events in Memphis and the Outerbanks, I didn't really have enough work ready to show in a festival but I'm always up for a paint a thon! 

Over the course of 3 hours and really hot temperatures, a gust of wind that toppled the tent and blew over a framed piece I had...I still created with abandon and fun. I took it home and tweaked the details and composition a bit more over the last couple of weeks. At the end of the video you'll see the finished piece. Hope you enjoy and I hope it inspires you to go out and create something with your own hands. It's an amazing feeling. Trust me.    36 x 60 " Aligning Forces"  you can see this piece in person at my friend Bryon Morris's shop that will be opening soon downtown Aberdeen (a custom frame shop a couple doors down from his Barber Shop). Be sure to come back on Monday as I'm kicking off the ReMe blog hop "Memories of May" where we are going to showcase pics from our May ReMe retreat, share thoughts of the experience from our guests and of course there are going to be some fantastic prizes to give for me, I may just be giving away an ORIGINAL painting!! :))) Every Monday in June starting June 9th there will be chances to win big and be a part of the adventure.

Friday, May 30, 2014

A Week In Review....and something New...

Happy Friday~! What a fun week this has been since we last chatted. The boys and I took a mini trip to the amusement park/waterpark near Charlotte and met up with some family we hadn't seen in awhile. We chilled in the evening at a cushy hotel before making the trip back home with a detour at Mary's lake house in Mt. Gilead for more fun in the sun, tubing, wave runners, swimming, cook out and of course just a couple adult beverages with dinner for us old folks:)
All good things and what the doctor ordered after a busy couple of weeks...ummm month or two.

After the super soaker mega fun weekend, back to work this week on tying up loose ends on some projects, gallery filling, I have been focused on and getting my new class rolling over at Dreaming in Color, "Extreme Portraits".

Just a few days in and the students are already doing a great job with their studies and warm ups. As a teacher, I strive hard to give you the whys behind the 'what to do next steps' so that you build a solid foundation of learning, not just for the project at hand but for your future as an artist. This class is loaded with information, challenges, exercises, and technique tips and tricks. It's not too late to join us, why not give Extreme Portraits a shot and go to the coolest school this summer:)

Class Description:
Are you looking for ways to build more depth in your portrait painting? Extreme Portraits is the newest portrait class offered by Jodi Ohl that will help you take your portrait work to the next level, even to a cutting edge extreme. In each of the lessons covering a span of six weeks, you will find easy to follow directions and content that is rich in information that you can use not just in your portrait work, but a variety of mixed media applications.
In the fall of 2012 Jodi released Painterly in Pink, an online class which focused heavily on drawing before painting the mixed media stylized portraits and now we are excited to present the much anticipated offering of Extreme Portraits

Continue Reading Here:

Well that's about it for today unless you want to hear about my adventures in not really dating online..I could tell you some stories about some crazy people that seem to find   A couple of nice ones but for the most part I've had not the greatest luck. My friend Deb says not to talk like that because I will draw more crazies in towards me if that's what I verbalize so I'm hesitant to say anything other than I can see a 45-50 year old Jared Leto type coming into my life very soon with a beach house, place at the mountains or the propensity to drive to either or for weekend getaways at rentals, a good sense of humor, kind heart, trustworthy with a sense of adventure, along with moral character, handy with things around the house or sense to know when to call in the troops..not a couch potato but not a thrill seeker-great if you love music and can sing or play the guitar...i may be getting to picky , can grill and cook like Michael Symon but be romantic and must love kids, dogs and icecream.

I'm sure there's more but I need to get back to work :)   

Have a great weekend and never forget to smile, laugh a lot and  don't be afraid of living your life.  This is our one and only chance to make memories:)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Special Afflilate Offer at Cloth Paper Scissors

Save 30% on Downloads at Interweave Store
Just a quickie post to let you know of an affiliate offer available over at Cloth Paper Scissors! 30% off Digital products (including my two webinars) today and tomorrow only!
 Save 30% on Downloads at Interweave Store

Friday, May 23, 2014

Extreme Portraits Winner Announced!

Extreme Portraits Giveaway Winner Is.......

Lucky Number 12!

Maggie Kopp - Martin said...
Awesome giveaway...I am ready to be brave and move onto portraits.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Art is You....Unbelievable Joy and Inspiration!

As I mentioned in my last post,  I literally would have to write several times a day to catch you up to speed on all the meaningful, creative, amazing, fun and fantastic experiences that have been going on over the last several weeks.  I have probably 2000 photos to prove it ;)  Each event, each moment deserving recognition on their own, however as I am behind in posting, that probably will have to be condensed...with any luck I can disperse some of the reflections in multiple posts throughout the next few weeks.

 At the end of April, I made the journey--and it truly was a journey as it took me about 14 hours and 2 days to get to just outside of Memphis , to  Art is You Dixie.   This was my 4th time teaching at an Art is You retreat and this one was amazingly fun and joyful as all the other events.  Previous to this event, I had taken a 2 week vacation with my family so while I was well rested, I also had moments of anxiety---wondering if I could pull off this trip and another one planned RIGHT after this event to the Outer Banks for my own personal retreat with some of my closest friends as hosts..but just like most things in life, if you really want something, you find ways to make it happen. I couldn't have asked for better students or more fun then we had all week and into the next (more about ReMe in another post).
As you can imagine, the week at Art is You Dixie started off with our gloves off and paint slinging!!
My first class was My Gelli's Heart where I combined gelli printing and Sweet HeART magnet making into one major fun filled class. 

 Familiar faces and new friends made in all of my classes...
 Getting messy....(well kind of...I think Brittany's hands are actually pretty neat!!)

 Magical papers transformed into collage elements for our magnets...but big fun had exploring the tip of the iceberg Gelli Printing has to offer!

 Everyone had a different take on the style of their groupings, it was so much fun to see them come together as the day progressed!

The fun didn't end here, I taught 2 more classes "Podtastic" and "Girl Untangled" before finishing out my time at Art is You during the trunk show on Wednesday evening.

Some shots from "Pods" , again, the diverse interpretations along with the breakthrough moments of just letting loose and letting the pieces evolve into miniature worlds of Pods and Portals was so much fun to see materialize.  

Probably my other favorite part of each class is when the demos are done for the time being and we all settle into painting, chatting and getting to know each other...I love the fact that each of  my students in EVERY class was so encouraging and welcoming to each
My last class of the week was "Girl Untangled" which was a drawing, doodling and watercolor portrait class rolled up into one!  While there were a few students who had done portrait work before, there were others who had never--so while excited for the class, there was also a little apprehension about whether or not they could do it....well I have to say any fears that began at the start of the day were tucked away by the end of the class and totally unfounded. 
Each student found their own voice, created their own magic, and painted girls like pros!

I just wanted to take this moment to say thank you to all my students at Art is You, you all made the event so very special and memorable for me for your fellow students,  thank you also for those that stopped by my booth at the Art Trunk show--I appreciate you supporting my art and other artists that showcased their talents that evening.  Your continued support and enthusiasm keeps ups fueled to bring you more creative classes, art and memories into the world.

Last but not least, thank you Salianne and Ellen for organizing a top notch event that truly brings joy and happiness to so many year after year. We appreciate you giving a voice to both students and teachers alike, as well as setting an example for all of us to live a life that is generous towards others.
In case you missed this event, no fear--I'll be teaching these classes along side an assortment of top notch instructors this October at Art is You Stamford. I hope to see you there!!

Those are just the highlights my friends from Art is You... I could write a novel if I shed the light at behind the scenes prep, my journey as a whole, and every moment shared during my classes or in the evenings recapping it all with my room mate and other friends made during the event.

Suffice to say, these are days I will never forget.


Did you miss my post earlier?  Coming next week is my newest online class "Extreme Portraits"

Stop by my blog post today to enter to win a free tuition to this class!!!

Extreme Portraits Online Workshop Giveaway!

 It's just one of those weeks where I may have to post a couple of times a day to get you up to speed with all the juicy creativeness that has been going on over the last few weeks.   From North Carolina to South Carolina, on over to Memphis and back again to the Outer Banks, it's been a whirl wind time with so many memories and new friends 'collected' along the way,  I am truly blessed to be doing what I love each and every day.

First things first, for those of you who have been waiting (thank you for your patience) next online class is coming up starting Monday, May 26th-- and ongoing for 6 weeks with access as a self study thereafter for 12 months from the date you start (or class begins, whichever is longer).  This class will be held over at Dreaming in Color's Arte Village and will include a 30.00  coupon for product at the shop online.  We will be using a variety of mixed media painting and drawing supplies, most of which you probably already have.   There's still plenty of time to join and collect your supplies, I promise!!

As an added bonus, I'm giving away 2 spots to the class--one from my newsletter sign ups over at Art Is You in Memphis, that winner is "Melony Lane"  whooohooo~~  Melony,  you can contact me to receive your class info;  The second giveaway is going to be a quickie--I"ll announce the winner on Thursday morning so you have 2 1/2 days to get in on the promotion.  Simply make a comment here and tell me what you love about portrait painting or what you'd like to learn--share this post and you can get an extra entry.

To claim your extra entry, simply leave an additional comment on this post. If you have already signed up for the class and win (random number generator will choose the entry from all commenters) you can choose to get a refund, give away your winnings as a gift to someone else, or you can apply a credit to another one of my online classes at Dreaming Color.

****NOTE---PLEASE PLEASE be sure to leave your contact info if you don't have a blog or email associated with your comment.

 I am so excited to present....

Extreme Portraits
Start Date : May 26th -June 30th 2014
Class Description:
Are you looking for ways to build more depth in your portrait painting? Extreme Portraits is the newest portrait class offered by Jodi Ohl that will help you take your portrait work to the next level, even to a cutting edge extreme. In each of the lessons covering a span of six weeks, you will find easy to follow directions and content that is rich in information that you can use not just in your portrait work, but a variety of mixed media applications.
In the fall of 2012 Jodi released Painterly in Pink, an online class which focused heavily on drawing before painting the mixed media stylized portraits and now we are excited to present the much anticipated offering of Extreme Portraits, which takes many of those lessons learned in her first class to a new level of depth and character. The focus on this class will be more on paintings and building up layers through glazing and underpaintings along with some fun extra surprise lessons.

Read on and Register by clicking HERE.

I hope to see you in class!

**Don't forget to enter to win a free class by commenting on this post!

Share the post (copy and paste the link into your favorite social media site) for an extra entry.


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Monday, April 21, 2014

Special sale today only on my Webinar at Cloth Paper Scissors

Save 30% on Mixed Media Digital Products at Interweave

 Have you had a chance to take my webinar? If not, today is the day to sign up for the download! 30% off Mixed Media Digital products!!!

To take advantage of this offer follow this path after clicking the affiliate link above:

Valid today-4/23/14.
Save 30% on patterns, eBooks, webinars, and more.

So sorry I have been blogging MIA lately!  I just got back from a 2 week vacation and am getting ready to go to 2 different retreats over the next two and half weeks. LIFE IS CRAY   CRAY!! :)))   I hope to post a few updates before I leave though, but this special came up and I wanted to be sure I told you about it as I've had a great response to the live portion of this webinar, you can now download it and take advantage of their one day sale!


Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Specials and More!

Just a quickie message to let you know a couple of cool and things going on:

Today is the last day of my 2 day special in my Etsy shop,

"Spring Give Me a Break!!"     Save 15% through today on your entire purchase:

Remember to use the coupon code "SPRINGBREAK" to take advantage of the  sale.

Crazy Crazy to think I've been waiting months and months for April to arrive as it's chock full of cool things that I'm doing including a vacay with my Momma , stepfather and boys:

Heading to the beach just cuz for a week to take a break before some of the craziness begins for the next several months.

After returning from the beach I will have just a couple of days to spare before I head out to Art is You Dixie for 3 days of workshops I'll be teaching including :
My Gelli's Heart:

and Pod Tastic

Click the images to go to the workshop page!

This is my fourth year in a row working with Art is You and I'm so honored to be paint slinging and having a big time with all the wonderful peeps that will be attending the event this year again. 
We still have some spots available if you want to grab you 'boots and brushes' and join us!!

Take a look at what they have to offer by clicking here!

There's lots more to share so I'm going to have to do a part two to this post on upcoming happenings...stay tuned!!! There might even be a giveaway included!!