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Monday, October 05, 2015

Go Behind the Scenes with Jodi Ohl at the Filming of her latest DVD's

Throughout the week of taping my DVD's, the film crew were like little mouses, sneaking around with the cameras and asking me oddball   Here's a quick little promo videos with a couple of the out-takes. Everyone had a great sense of humor and lots of fun during filming :)

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Sunday, October 04, 2015

The Last 20 Miles....

Hey my peeps!    

This little birdie pretty much says it all!  

"I'm on a Mission" !

It's funny, I was telling someone yesterday that when I agreed to do x y z months and months and months ago, it all sounded doable and like a great idea, and believe me, it all has been great (lots of fun once I'm in the moment,   fun meeting everyone, and fun preparing...eehhh hmmm...well, fun painting not packing,  un packing, hauling stuff around and driving from one end of the state to the other 2 or 3 times this week...haha)!  But really, things could not be crazier lately! I haven't cooked a home made dinner in a bout 2 weeks for the boy!  Well, a little exaggeration, I did make home made  white chocolate chip Belgian Waffles and bacon this morning for lil man.  

Here's how my last week and half have been:

Sample from my class at Random Arts, "Skinny Little Mini Cities"
So some of you that follow me on Facebook know that last Thursday  through Sunday I was just outside of Asheville  (about 4 hours from home) teaching at Random Arts a 3 day workshop (oh my gosh..soooo sooo much fun!  I'll be back next September if not sooner for another round of artsy goodness).  
My demo piece from my class at Random Arts,  "Wild Flowers"
Choose Wisely,   16 x 20 abstract featured at Artful Living Group in Carolina Beach through October

 Monday I headed back to the new studio to finish hanging and pricing my work for my next trip down the coast to Carolina Beach (3 hours from my house).   I had most of it finished but you know how it is, there are always last minute touches that need to be completed.   

Not having a lot of time to spare, I had to return to the studio Tuesday morning  at 5:30 am after taking Josh to football to pack my car  so I could go down to the beach to hang my work for my featured artist show.  

For those of you not familiar with NC...Saluda is in the Western Part of the state,  I live in the middle of the state, and Carolina Beach is on the  southern coast of NC...altogether from one end to the other we are talking about 8 or 9 hours a part. travel down to the beach Tuesday morning,  hang the work in about 2 hours, drive back that afternoon, collapse in a heap of exhaustion evening.

Wednesday, not a bad day considering all the running the last few days... got up at 5:00 am,  took little man to football, cleaned the house, finished packing for my next trip, worked on some writing material in the afternoon,  dinner out with lil man evening,  then slept like a log before heading back to the beach for the show the next day. 

Several of my favorite pieces from the collection at Artful Living Group. I have over 25 new pieces featured!

Thursday, finished some personal stuff then headed back to the beach (another 3 hour drive) in the afternoon,  I wasn't sure how all  the weather was going to effect attendance, with Joaquin looming out to see and rain that hasn't stopped in about a week and half, but I was hopeful nonetheless.

We did have a few brave souls that came out to the reception  (which the gals at Artful Living Group did an awesome job of preparing tons of great appetizers and other goodies). however the weather was so uncooperative, it wasn't as good as it could have been.

I  met some really wonderful people and reconnected with old friends,  the collection looks fantastic, we had a great spread, I had a wonderful crab cake dinner afterwards, and my hotel (despite the rain) looked out at the amazing ocean!  All in all...not a bad thing.

Drove back home Friday, unpacked the car, then headed up to the studio to work until early evening with my studio partners to get ready for our Grand Opening Saturday of our NEW studio...swept, rearranged, hung, signed, tidied up,  and put the glitz on our new shop.....yep...went home exhausted, collapsed about 8:30 in the bed.

This a view of where my side of the studio started off at the beginning of the month....

Finally--Saturday arrived and our Grand Opening was here!  Jan, Jean and I along with a host of other friends who helped out in numerous ways over the last month or two were all  ready to meet and greet   our guests bright and early-whoa nelly, it was busy right from the get go, full of friends, family and community members!

Here's 2 of our first guests getting settled in while their Mom shopped:


You can see me in the background making some last minute signs while our visitors colored at one of our classroom tables. :)

Remember my side of the studio from the first picture--here it is now all set up (well kinda of, there's another section the picture cut off but who's counting):

Doors are open and we are now open regular hours of Monday thru Saturday, 10-5pm. Additional hours for classes or special events  as needed.

By Saturday evening we were all ready to crack open the champagne and celebrate all the amazing things we accomplished in the last few months and relish in how the studio opening event went!  

We hope the community embraces a new artistic endeavor  and we become a destination place for those that want to take creative classes, one on one workshops, and of course peruse the array of offerings by largely NC artists along with specialty art supplies to sooth your creative muse.

So here I am Sunday evening, bleary eyed but happy,  exhausted but energized. And guess what...I'm working on getting ready to head out again on Wednesday to drive to Missouri for my weekend of workshops at KP's Rubbermoon Studios!

Like I said in the beginning, it all sounded like a great idea at the time...sure I can handle it (and I haven't even talked about perhaps one of my biggest projects of my entire life that I'm working on in between all of this!!).     It all HAS BEEN great!!!! I created a painting to communicate the emotion I've been feeling lately:

It's called: "The Last 20 Miles"....  it's that point where you are sure to run out of gas, you are on empty and you don't think you can make it any further than you already have gone.  Somewhere deep inside of you, you pull out that last ounce of strength you have so you can go that last 20 miles.  You never know how far you can go unless you push yourself to the limit and out of your comfort zone. 

With that said, I haven't been all that realistic as to what I'm capable of.  My house is a  state of organized mess.  My laundry is just barely kept up.  I've been missing my boy because we've been passing like ships in the night, and I have been stretched with how much work I physically can do.  The point is, I am going that last 20 miles by tackling each day as it comes and pushing myself to do my best no matter what.  No matter how tired I am. No matter how long it takes.  But also, I'm taking moments of self care so I can keep up. Going to bed relatively early.  Deep breathing.  Early morning wake up in peace and quiet. Reading when I can.  Staying focused within each project and not jumping around. Stopping every here and there to take it all in. For as crazy as these last few weeks have been, I am beyond lucky to be able to do what I am doing  for a living. 

If you don't stop to enjoy it, you rush right through the good moments.

My only conclusion to this whole laundry list of to-dos and to-dones:  In the future, I am going to space out events a bit better. Haha.  That's it, my words of wisdom.  Get a better calendar :) Oh, and keep a sense of humor, surround yourself with people who will lift you up when you fall to your knees, or who will kick you  in the butt when you say you can't go any further!

Until next time!!



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Will you be in the Carolina Beach/Wilmington/Crystal Coast  area this October?  Stop by
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Last but not least,  please stop by our new studio and gallery, "Creative Studios, NC" in Vass, NC and like our Facebook page to keep up on the latest and greatest! I'll be scheduling new classes at the shop soon! In the meantime,  Jean, Jan, and several guests artists and teachers will be hosting classes, meetups, and workshops on a monthly basis!

Wandering the Precipice 24 x 24 (one of my newest abstracts)  available at Creative Studios NC!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Part 2 of the Big News: This is Really Happening! Behind The Scenes of Making My DVDS!

The last few months have  been a whirlwind for sure with all sorts of cool projects going on,  fun trips, awesome classes with super fun students,  and just incredible memories made doing work I hardly consider a job.  This week I'm super EXCITED to share even more news (with a few more announcements to come..what the what!!!!).  

Last May, some of you may recall that I traveled to the Cincinnati film studios of F&W Media (parent company of Cloth Paper Scissors,  Artists Magazine, North Light Books,  Artists and Makers, to name a few),  to spend 4 days filming for upcoming DVDs of mine they are producing. Well....the time has come and the 4 new DVD's  are ready for Pre-order (they  will be shipping starting October 2nd). The digital downloads are available now!!!   This is one of those pinch me moments that I can hardly believe is happening!

I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the behind the scenes photos of my work table and set up as well as meet a couple of the wonder women behind the scenes filming (sorry I didn't get pics of the guys that made it all happen, too)!  One thing is for sure, there's so much hard work and effort that goes into producing videos,  each and every person plays a vital rol in making it all happen!

My producer,  Amy Jones.  She did an awesome job putting all the details of my creative vision  for the projects into an actual product that we are delivering to you!    Not to mention she is a lot of fun and has a great personality. I felt welcome and valued as soon as I arrived on set!   I was scared as could be, not knowing what to expect and I know the first day I was not as comfortable with the whole process as I could have been but it didn't take long for my nerves to settle with all the support and help the crew lent me! you see that big camera facing down on the set?  They had 4 of those around the room...and 3-4 camera/film operators at any one time working on the set along with myself and the producer. It was quite the arty party!!!  :)
The projects range from watercolors on Yupo,  acrylic painting, collage, and ink paintings. Just tons of techniques and information jam packed into the DVDs that will be soon available.   The fact that I had the opportunity to do this is just beyond words.  I know I'm blessed for sure and I am excited to bring to you this new avenue of creative education at an extremely affordable price!   There have been tons of requests in the past from students of mine to have downloadable products or dvds and I just didn't have a way to create that type of product...well that's an issue of the past.  Now you can  enjoy the classes/projects anytime, anywhere!

Here's Christine, another one of the camera woman and a photographer along with Amy, our producer.  I hope you can tell how much fun we all had from their contagious smiles!  :))
 More samples I brought for the shoot...we 'prettied' up the set with a fun selection of my art over the course of the week. I brought a ton of stuff!  I seem to do that where ever I go.  Packing lightly is just not something I'm very good at!! :))
Preparing to work on a new project for the film...there's a lot of stop and starting during the course of the day but it is definitely a FULL day of work for each of the DVD's we created and then months of editing and polishing it all up for the  the final project(s).
So other than noticing for sure how dang chunky I look, I'm really proud of everything we created at F&W Media!!  I hope that you take a second to check out the DVD's or Downloads and buy one or two for yourself!   These would make great stocking stuffers for the holidays, too...just sayin!!! :))

Here are the pictures for the DVD's and if you click on them they will take you right to the store to purchase them!

My last words of wisdom for this post is simply to be brave in your quest to achieve your dreams.  You never know what can happen if you simply try.  Now go out and make some beautiful art or run that marathon you've been wanting to do!  You got this! more thing,  if you haven't had a chance to stop by my last blog post-I'm having a giveaway. Entries taken through 9/30!  

Stay tuned for more big news coming!!


If you are in the neighborhood, join us for the opening reception for my new featured artist show, "Land of the Whimsical and Odd".  October 1st from 630-830. The show will be up through the end of October at Artful Living Group in Carolina Beach.