Now Open! "Podtastic"

Now Open! "Podtastic"
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Monday, March 23, 2015

The Messages That Come Through Art Journaling

You can learn a lot about yourself through art journaling. Leafing through some recent pages I can see snippets of where my mind was at the moment I created the page.  Sometimes the reflections I portray through visual clues and cues are from that very moment, and sometimes I'm speaking to someone I know or wish I could impact in some way, and sometimes they are just words I've captured in my mind from some other fleeting experience that I felt the need to keep with me as a reminder.

Rarely ever do I start with an end in mind, if that makes sense. Most of my pages are works that evolve from painting sessions. Cleaning off my brushes, stencils, stamps, brayers...whatever has paint on it at the time can land on a journal page.   Then late at night when I'm cozied up in my jammies, watching tv or perhaps early in the morning while it's quiet, I will sit and work on a page (or 2, or 3).  They may take weeks to finish.  Even months.   It's at the finish line I will infuse words or conversations I have with myself...or those I want to speak to in the sanctuary of my art journal book(s).

Sometimes there are a lot of words....sometimes there are just a few poignant reminders highlighted on the page.  I don't know....I think art journaling allows me to feel less lonely in some ways.  Not that I feel isolated, but there are times when I wish I had someone to talk to when there isn't anyone there.

And then other times, the words are not for me to feel comfort an artist I realize more and more that the words or images are for someone else to take hold of and feel that sense of comfort.

As if...the message comes through you so someone else may hear what they need to hear..when they need to hear it.  An affirmation if you will that is put into the world to boomerang back to the soul that has requested a sign.  Sometimes it is just me that needs the message...but more often then not, there are others out there too that need the guidance.
This page I created last week after spending a few days with someone that I had(have)  a close connection with for the last 11 or so years.....someone that actually was partially responsible for me getting back into art several years ago...some of the words go out to that person...and the rest are just for me.   Sometimes,  art journaling just helps you come to terms with things going on in your life.

I can't fix everything.

You have to want change in order to get it.

I'm glad this AJ streak I've been on has continued as long as it has.  It keeps me humble and allows me to release and let go so I can do what I need to do next, which is to move forward.


Is there something that you do in the quiet of the evening or the first glow of the morning sunshine that keeps you grounded with a sense of peace?  If not, find that could be jogging, walking, writing, drawing, painting or knitting.  You'd be amazed at how less alone and more comforted you will feel while partaking in that activity that is meaningful to you.
I'd love to hear from you!  Drop me a line and tell me what your 'thing' is that keeps you sane!


"Letting Go and Not Looking Back" 

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Unfinished Business and a Coupon Code (expires today!)

Sometimes I drive myself nuts.

Starting and stopping multiple projects at once and have things going on everywhere.   There really is a method to my madness and most of the time I do it in the name of 'efficiency'  or frugal-ness (I don't want to waste paint and to keep busy while things are drying).  


If I'm honest with myself, sometimes I have multiple projects going on at once because I don't know what the next step is for the piece I'm working on so rather than stare at it, I move on to something else, meanwhile I hope that piece of the puzzle will come to me while keeping busy.

Sometimes that method works...and sometimes that method does not work.  I could make a case for multi-tasking and how wonderful it is.... and I could also make a case that it causes chaos and procrastination if you take it too far. (I do the latter more than the former!)

You can't force inspiration but you can force yourself to not walk away from something that is sooo close to being finished.  You need to tell yourself you can and you will work out the kinks and finish what you started.

Or not.  

I only know myself and that 'self' needs a kick in the arse every once in awhile otherwise there's a heck of a lot of chaos and not whole lot of finished work which causes me anxiety which in turn causes me to stress out...none of which is good for the creative soul.  

I'm showing you this piece that is unfinished but I've been adding to it  little by little over the last month.  Really, a month??  lol     It's so close I can taste it.  I just need to finish it.  By admitting to my big procrastination disguised as multi tasking habits, maybe it'll inspire me to show you the finished work in my next piece so we can put this baby to rest and move on to new work.
Sounds good?
(another unfinished work)

Do you have any less than ideal habits in the studio? 
 I'm not going to say 'bad' because multi tasking for me isn't necessarily a bad habit it's necessary most of the time--my dealio or deal breaker happens when I have 20 works going on an nothing is finished! :))


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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

In The Quiet of the Night....Reflections from the studio


One of the things "They", forget to tell you or talk about when you work alone and from how lonely and isolating it can be, even if you are doing what you love and couldn't think about doing anything else.  The freedom of being able to walk right into my studio any time, day or night is glorious and amazing.  It's also very quiet at times and extremely, well...solitary.

There are times when I relish the quiet moments, escaping from the noise and clutter of the world as I paint away and make peace with my mind and allow my heart to open up so I can create without boundaries.

And then there are times when the quiet is deafening. I wonder in my head what am I missing, not really wanting to find out truthfully because I've come to feel safe in my studio and getting out would require me to become unsafe and to be seen once again.  

As I finished this set of paintings I started as demos for my last of the few times I really have been around a group of people in quite some time...I reflected back on the slight anxiety I had about leaving my studio for something other than a quick jaunt to the store or out to dinner with friends.  It is becoming quite clear to me just how isolated my world has become the more and more I grow as an artist and as my business grows.    
At times, its' a bit disconcerting.   I wonder if I'll always feel this way.  It's not a bad or a good thing truthfully. I don't regret anything I've done or not done...but I still wonder if the trade off for doing something you are so passionate about, you care less and less about other things...or am I just putting a wall up as someone suggested so there is no hurt or chance of vulnerability.

Maybe the hibernating/isolation/is merely a result of a long cold winter, one where the comfort of home is really the only company I've needed.   
As I completed each Angel (there are others in this group)...I had a slow soft tear wander down my cheek. It was as if I knew that these were not mine to keep, they belonged to someone else in the world, that person unknown for the moment, but they are out there.   Nothing created is truly my own...nor is it any artists. We are all vehicles.  I think there is great joy in knowing that..and a touch of sorrow too. 

 Letting go isn't easy.  When you are in the quiet of your studio, painting in isolation..the revelation that you can't hold on to anyone or anything forever is repeated day in and day out.  It can be an emotional roller coaster sometimes.  
The  release isn't just about the art.
It's about life in general.

One must feel the bad to feel the good. Experience the pain, to know the elation of joys that come our way.  We must truly feel isolated to understand the comfort of being surrounded by love. 
We must feel it all...there's no escaping it, no matter what path you choose in life.

I see how it's not living in any extreme for too long that saves us from the pitfalls and the climaxes that can put us over the edge at any moment in time.

Late night musings as she paints in the quiet of the evening.


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