Now Open! "Podtastic"

Now Open! "Podtastic"
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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Art Journal: A Vacation at Home

Last night I was working in my studio for the 3rd day in a row....late in the evening, immersed in some journal work and it honestly felt delicious and extremely comforting. I go in phases when working in my journal. I almost always have it out when I'm painting to use as a palette, cleaning off my brushes or stamps right into my journal, but it might take me days, weeks, or months to complete a page.  Not always, but sometimes.   Over the last few days, I completed a bunch of pages though and started a million others. Don't you love when creativity sparks an avalanche of activity??

The outcome of these messy pages are unpredictable. I know that's disconcerting to some.  It's not easy to let go and it's easy to go down the path of what the heck is this page supposed to be.  I rarely have a plan.  I also rarely finish one page at a time, rather I work on multiple pages and multiple books when I am in the journal state of mind.    Pretty much every supply under the sun is fair game, too.   I often use my journal to use up colors or supplies I hadn't tried in awhile.  It's a virtual playground, where ideas ebb and flow.  I do feel guilty sometimes if I indulge too much in playtime.  I have to admit, days off or playtime in general are few and far between for me lately.  I think if you push yourself too far, and place too many unrealistic expectations on yourself in any area of your life,  burn out is inevitable.  Taking time off to do something a bit different than your new routine can be that break you need so that you don't crash and burn.
 So yes, when I can't escape to the tropics, or take a full day off from the journaling is a little vacation for my mind and my regular day to day tasks.  

I'm grateful for having this outlet to 'think out loud' with, and breathe in and out a bit more slowly.

What do you do to escape from your everyday life or tasks when a vacation is not an option??  I'd love to hear what type of  tools you use to cope and take a break with!

Artfully yours,



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Monday, March 02, 2015

You Never Know: Tips From The Studio and an Art Journal Flip Through

Hello and Happy Monday!

  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and you were able to carve some creative time in your spare leisure moments.  I didn't do a whole lot in my studio this weekend other than finish up this project:
This is a 24 x 36 whimsical acrylic painting in my "Funky Little City Scape" style.that I started at the beginning of the month--while it didn't take me 4 weeks of non stop work to do, I would gather to say it was the better part of 2 weeks to do in full with a break in between to prepare for another project I was doing.   I just love the colors and happy vibe you get from this piece (which was inspired by a painting I did a few years ago that I loaded up to Pinterest). It is my most repinned pin and has inspired not only additional paintings, but even led to an opportunity to be on a book cover!!

 Here's a note card taken from a print of that above mentioned painting: 

(ps..if you like this style of painting and want to learn how..I have an online class called "Funky Little City Scapes" that you'd enjoy!   Click HERE to find out more.) see for my point today, you never know when one project is going to lead to the next, and the next---or for that matter, you never know where potential clients will find you.   My only regret and this is something that has happened to me before.... is that I did not capture a super high resolution image of this painting. I can create prints that are about 8x10 but that's the largest I can go and not sacrifice picture clarity.  

Don't do as Momma as momma says: Take super high res images of your work before you send it off into the world!!!!  Saving your photos at 300 dpi also insures that if your image is used in a print publication, it will conform (ideally) to most industry standard printing publication guidelines. As you see, creating high resolution images is not just important for  for creating prints, you never know who may ask to use your work: licensed designs, fabric,  authors, musicians, stationary, etc...etc....the possibilities span far and wide!!

...I'll leave you with a little more inspiration today as I sign off--I've shared this before but for those new followers, I thought you might like to see some of my favorite journal pages of 2014.  I've JUST begun filling up a few new books for 2015, so stay tuned for a little preliminary look in a couple weeks (or if I get really ambitious...a couple of days!!). 

Artfully yours,

Jodi Ohl


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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Keeping Up With Change


It's funny,  I was sitting here this morning  putting some of my admin schtuff into my computer/spreadsheets and I was looking at the date of the month as if I was looking at it for the first time in weeks.  

February 19th, 2015

No no can't be almost the end of February already! I was supposed to accomplish so much during the quiet of winter when I was not traveling so much.

Instead, most of the winter has been super busy which is a good thing but it's also been a time when I have been seriously in need of rest and just haven't been getting it the way I should.   I've been working in overdrive trying to make up for some business I no longer would be able to count on , and another opportunity I was no longer going to be a part of..and for the most part I pretty much made up for most of the lost income in a matter of 2 months which is a good thing..very good thing.

 It means I can breathe easier. It also means that while I was busy filling in the gaps, I also steered off course from what I intended to do with this down time and now I'm trying to figure out how to seriously catch up so I don't miss out on some other things I wanted to do this winter.

Can ever one catch up when life changes on you?  Or do you just pick up the pieces and follow the new course and set aside those old plans because maybe they weren't meant to be for you, right here, right now?

It's a vicious cycle trying to play catch up all the time. 

It doesn't make you feel good about yourself.

I don't like feeling scattered or not being able to follow through on some things I promised to myself.

After I have my own little pity party, I am able to wake up and realize, nothing stays the same. Life doesn't always go as you planned but most often it heads you down a path you should be on, one way or another.    I'm starting to come to terms with change.

Change comes in many shapes and forms.  

It can be in the form of surroundings,   job, friends, love,  even skill sets can change. You can do a better job at what you do or you can turn a 180 mix things up altogether.  hmmm.

Embracing change without letting it overwhelm you is the key I believe.   I just don't have an answer on how to do that day in and day out.   Most of the time, the way I deal with change is to escape in my studio to work out the details on the canvas while I paint my life in my head.  if that makes sense.

How do you come to terms with change?

How do you cope with changing courses in your career or personal life?

How do you get the rest you need when life is buzzing around you pulling you in different directions?

Nothing prolific today...just artsy and personal musings on the table while I drink yet another cup of coffee:) and think  write out loud.

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