Final days of my pre-registration sale!

Final days of my pre-registration sale!
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Grunge INK!

Grunge INK!
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Friday, January 30, 2015

The Burning Question: Art for Hire vs Art For Fun

In my newsletter this week, I shared some of my most recent blog posts and posed a challenge to my readers to share some of their "Burning  Questions" around art, the artistic life, and a creative business in general. (You can join in too, if you'd like to see one of your questions answered read on here and send me a message!  I'm going to do a giveaway for one of the readers during my next newsletter!!).   I have to say, I'm loving the response so far and am super duper excited to continue on the series started last week with another question from one of my readers.  
12x16 on hardbord  Black and White Abstract Study

Art for Hire vs. Art for Fun 

....and how do they differ?

Here's today's question--and it's a 'meaty' let's get started!

Hi Jodi!  I met you at the CREATE Mixed-Media Art Retreat in 2013, and I have a piece of your artwork hanging happily in my art room!  My burning question has to do with balancing artwork created for business versus artwork created for personal pleasure.  Once you become a professional artist, do you still have opportunities to create art simply for personal pleasure, or does it pretty much always have to serve some purpose--for a show, as a demonstration, as a commission, etc.?  And how is your process affected?  Is your process different when you are creating a piece for a specific purpose, versus just messing around, having a fun, trying out a technique, etc.?

charcoal sketch created for an upcoming class  "Extreme Portraits" at Random Arts  February 28, March 1st, 

This is a great question because the root of the question is a huge struggle for many artists, especially those that have decided to work at their passion full or part time as a career choice.    What is at the root of this question?  I believe it is this:

Am I less of an artist or less artistically driven once I create for the purpose of making a living or (gasp....for the purpose of being very comfortable in my living as a full time/part time artist)?  Do I FEEL different because now there is an intention  of creating for the exchange of  money versus painting/creating just because?
more sketches for an upcoming class  "Extreme Portraits" at Random Arts  February 28, March 1st,

This is a very real struggle because for some reason,  many people do not view what artists do as worthy of making a good (great..decent..more than decent) living without loosing their soul purpose of creating. It's as if the thought of creating for a purpose is any less of value than just simply creating without definitive reason to make something.  Artist struggle with the exchange of money for what they do when they do not value what they create as worthy of the exchange.They also struggle with that exchange, when they are not creating art for sale for the purpose of making a living (ie doing it as a hobby vs doing it to pay your mortgage!).

   When you take what you once did as a hobby and turn it into a business, there is a very real chance that you will create most things in the hope that there will be an exchange of money so you can keep on doing what do.  There's a lot pressure around that fork in the road. Some of it is cultural, but most of the pressure comes intrinsically because if the exchange of money doesn't happen and you stress out about it, it can effect how you feel about yourself as an artist (your self worth).  
36 x 36  Work in progress

The stress of HAVING to make a living from your art, can take the fun of creating out of the whole mix, if you are not doing it for the right reason.  

Think about that statement for a minute.  

 Let's say you make the best chocolate chip cookies on the block and are the hit of every bake sale your kids school have, to the point people start asking you to make the cookies for Christmas or xyz holiday.
This is, for a little bit of extra money and for the joy of doing so,  you happily agree....and then it starts to snowball and you get orders not just for Christmas but for Valentine's Day, too. 

 You start to think, maybe I could do this and make more than just a little extra money, maybe this could be a part time job, after all I love to make cookies! You go through the process of buying better equipment to make you cookie making work  more efficient.  You perfect the recipe...go through the steps to make this whole venture  official and get a business going and an industrial kitchen to operate in. Boom YOU are in the cookie business.    Now that's all well and good, if YOU love making cookies, dream about making them...and can't stop thinking of all the different things you can do with your new business now that has taken other words, you truly want to do this day in and day out for the rest of your life because you are passionate about it.  Making cookies gets you excited to get out of bed in the morning!

If the point of you making cookies was just to have fun and create a batch here and there for friends, family and the occasional bake sale...then no..turning your hobby into a business is not going to make you happy and it's going to effect how you feel about what you do in a million ways.  

The stress of doing something full time that never was meant to be a business will effect you and your process significantly.

If however, you chose to go into the art business full time because you can't think of anything more in this world you'd like to do, day in and day out for the rest of your life...then doing things for a purpose should bring JOY to you....

I get excited and jump for joy every time I get a commission order!   

I LOVE going to the post office because it means I sold something and it's going out into the world.

I love going to the studio and creating work for a gallery--it means I'm in a GALLERY! whooohoo!

I am thrilled when I am working on a class and already know I have people signed up waiting for that special day when I am teaching it.

When I check my email and see I have an order I say a prayer of gratitude, someone wants my work!!! Another reason to do a cartwheel!!

...I hear from a customer or a student that received my work or took my class and tell me how it's impacted their life/home/artistic journey...I  feel like it's another sign I'm on the right path.

Here's the thing guys. Working for yourself as an artist is no different then working for yourself in any small business (in the beginning and for most small businesses that is).    Is that shocking?

Here's the truth about being an artist full time:

*You are it.  You are the only one that can do YOUR art. That's a lot of pressure.

*It's a lot of hours.  Non stop hours to be sure.

*You have to not only create art, you need to sell your art. Market it.  Make a name for yourself in countless ways.

*The business comes in waves.   There will be times of plenty and times of pretty much crickets.  

*There is nothing greater than seeing a blank canvas develop into something amazing.

*There is nothing more frustrating then staring at a blank canvas and hoping your muse shows up!

*It's hard to balance studio time vs. business and marketing time.

*It's hard to balance personal time vs. business time...especially if you work from home.

*You have to treat your art business as is if (because it IS) it is a true business. 

*You will have deadlines to meet.  What business doesn't???

*You are held accountable for your actions, work and commitments.  Any time you have customers, or others that are counting on you for something (product or service), you are held accountable...and if you don't have those yet, you are still accountable to yourself and your dreams/goals/aspirations.

*Learning what to say yes to and what to say no to is a struggle. This perhaps is one of the biggest things that causes frustration to many artists (or really any business person) because if you are doing something that is not inline with your ultimate goal, you can find yourself wasting a lot of time and energy on the wrong projects and not enough time on the right ones.

*Your 'play' time is your work time. You are are always trying out new things (or should be), honing your skills and practicing.   

*Pricing your work to match the market, the value of it,  and your 'credentials' plays a crucial role in your success.  Understanding how to price your work plays a huge role in your success.

*You need goals and even a loose business plan in your creative business otherwise you will be 'floating' on the waves of your success and your not so successful accomplishments. 

*If you love what you do and are passionate about it,  you will feel so much empowerment by doing what you do for a living.   IF it was truly meant to be a full time/part time career choice.

*There will be days that you just don't want to do anything and need a break. That doesn't mean that you are less of an artist if you want to walk away for awhile.  It means you are tired. It means you need to refill your well. It means you are no different than any one on this earth, artist or otherwise.

30x30  Waiting For You

This topic brings up so many things that I could expand on further, but I hope I at least addressed the hot buttons for you.       The main thing I want you to walk away with is this:

Before you jump in and decide to turn your hobby into a profession,  be sure that is what you really want to do.   Understand WHY you want to do it.  If the answer is, I can't imagine myself doing anything else for the rest of my life...then make it be so!!  But, also understand--it is a business and you must treat it as a business just as if you were opening up a cookie store, a computer programming consulting business, real estate office, interior design business,  restaurant or retail shop (just to name a few).  You need to do it right and not feel bad AT ALL for asking for compensation for what you do.  You also need to take care of yourself and fill that well when it runs dry..because in the end,  even if you are in it to win can't go on forever without taking a break and resting, relaxing and enjoying life, too....just like anyone :)

Do YOU have a Burning Question that you'd like to see addressed or discussed?   Check out my newsletter HERE for instructions  (or reply to on this post in a comment!).

Until we meet again,



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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Digging in Deeper with Extreme Portraits Live

 Over the last week I  talked a lot about honing your artistic skills and working towards the mastery of  your chosen craft, art, and interest (not that those are separate categories but they could be).  One thing I've discovered through my own journey is that the magic 'sauce' for anything I've done is in this one big secret....ready for it????  Practice!!     Don't get me wrong, there are shortcuts that one can take and 'aha' moments you can break through with that will propel you a bit further, but by and large, the magic potion is in the practice.    For me, one of the most significant improvement in anything I've done has been in my portraits.   I've found my groove and I can see my style go from primitive and pretty girls, to ones that have much more emotion and substance in my style.   Sharing those 'aha' moments and helping YOU move from what you are currently doing now, to a more "Extreme Portrait' (drawing and painting)  is the basis of my class coming up at Random Arts  in Saluda, NC, this February 28, and March 1st. Emotional. Colorful. Deep,  Full of Substance and Character.
During this 2 day class, we will work on shading  and developing features of our portrait. I'll guide you along in my exercises to give you confidence in the fact that you can do this, too.   Maybe not exactly like me, but perhaps even BETTER!  It's about YOU...and using your strengths, your style and your vision to capture the feeling behind a person you are portraying or 'creating' if it's from imagination.

 In addition to working on our drawing skills we will be working on developing some really interesting backgrounds full of texture and original mark our painted portraits will beckon for more grit and grunge then just a simple painted background piece.

In order to get the richness and depth our "Extreme Portraits' call for, we need to create a foundation to jump off with.  This picture is about 6 or 7 layers in from the beginning....

 Over the 2 days we will learn strategies to create shape and form...and NOT be afraid to use non-traditional colors for our faces.    I believe in the theory that one can create amazing portraits with just about ANY color.   Trust me.  Or trust yourself may be the better way to look at it.

 I'll show you how to make your paintings radiate with color through techniques that date back 100's of years but are not as used as often in this day and age because many artists don't want to take the time to  glaze and layer, glaze and layer, shade and highlight, shade and highlight some more than do it all over many times as necessary.   It's fascinating to see it all come together...and quite frankly, there will be times that it' a bit scary. That's the part where you have to stick with me, stick with you...and keep the process going.


 We will also do exercises that are not as time consuming.  Not everything has to be a journey, there is a lot of value in just working super fast and letting the rawness of your brush strokes do the talking for you.    

My mission is to expose you to it all..and to be your guide.

My style is a bit imperfect.  It's a bit gritty.  It's full of texture.  Not traditional but yet it is.....It's about color and emotion and trying to  capture someone's spirit and give it a 'voice' on your canvas.

Time permitting, we may even work a bit on painting bring a fun picture of yourself in black and white and in color.  This class is about exploring.  Practicing. Learning.  Diving in and  immersing yourself for 2 full days of portrait play.    Nestled in the mountains of Western  NC,  Random Arts is the perfect intimate location to visit and leave inspired for unlimited amount of creative ventures.  Art, culture, nature, and amazing photographic opportunities abound over and above this classroom setting.  

Join on this 2 day exploratory journey into "Extreme Portraits"

Take you work from flat to that which is full of depth and texture.
Draw and paint eyes that will pierce.
Paint faces that have shape and  radiate with color.
You'll hone your skills around shading and highlighting.
You will find ways to let go of  traditional colors and explore a brave new world of contemporary colors.
Combining painting with drawing we will literally do it all during Extreme Portraits.

For registration and location information,   Please visit this link here.

I'll be teaching this class on February 28 and March 1st, 2015--the only time I will be doing this particular class live in 2015 so don't miss out on this fun opportunity!!

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, part of the magic sauce on the road to mastery is practice, but a little guidance along the way doesn't hurt :)   Allow me to be your guide for 2 days!
Until we meet again,  go out and be brave, do something that might be outside your comfort zone and  live a bit outside the lines.
Go Extreme.


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Friday, January 23, 2015

The Burning Question: Why Is it that I am Drawn to OTHER things?

From time to time I get asked questions about  living a creative life, art business, and tons of art technique questions, so I thought I'd share the questions posed occasionally so that everyone could chime in on the discussion or perhaps benefit from my insight.

Notice I didn't say answer.  There rarely is one right answer or truth that fits nice and neatly for everyone.  Even for technique related questions--heck, humidity, temperature, substrate,  and brand of supplies, can skew a technique related answer.  

The same holds true for insight around what to do, why or why not to do something around your creative path or art business. **Not that humidity effects your art biz..heeehee** but your individual circumstances and your ultimate goals effect your direction.  Your experience could effect the question and or answer.

So, with that said...take my advice as for what it's worth.  It's just my opinion based on my circumstance and experience, or my point of view as I see it today...and yes it could change tomorrow :)

Today's question is from a friend on Facebook  who posed this question/predicament to me:

'I often find in my road to mastery, being drawn into different directions which often results in using different mediums. I stop doing what I was doing and go on to that 'new' thing and may not get back to my original medium or path for say up to 2 years.'  Why is this so?  It makes it hard to master anything when this occurs.

My reply:

To me, it sounds like you are in the 'percolating' stage of your creative self. You are still finding what it is that you really like to do.  Is it Acrylics,  oils or watercolors that tempt your art'full self?  Perhaps you are drawn to the allure of encaustic painting or the textural effects of  of raw collage.  Are you drawn to the old papers found at a thrift store, knowing there will be a use for them down the road?  Do you pick up a journal and use it religiously for 2-3 months and then let it get dusty for a year or more?   Maybe you find pen and ink drawings exciting or a portrait painting a challenge but one that you want to take on.   In the quiet of winter do you cozy up with a knitting needle and go back to working on a blanket you started the year before?  Maybe it's the sale ad that came through your email this morning with a promise of 20% off if you order 100.00 or more of new art supplies that you find impossible to resist despite the fact you have a room full of stuff that has yet to be touched.

We all go through the percolating and distraction stage.  The stage where we hunt and gather information, supplies, and inspiration.  We want to do what others are doing, and doing better than we are (because we have yet to start).   Easily bored or uninspired, we move on to something else to capture our attention for the time being (and the time being could be years).  We pick things up, and we put them down, in a cycle of learning and exploring that is neither good nor bad, depending on what it is we are really looking to achieve.

At some point however,  YOU, WE,  need to decide, what it is that we really want to do and where is it that we want to go.  Based on those answers,  the next step is to pare down the distractions or limit those 'extra curricular activities'  to our 'filling the well' time if we want to go down the path of mastery of what's really important to you.

No supply on earth is going to be the one size fits all answer to making you a brilliant artist.  Having a 100 of those supplies will not make you the best at what you do. Granted, good supplies have lots of value and I'm not saying that certain supplies won't make your work better, but to believe it's the supply in itself that's the answer-would be a fallacy.

Being drawn to different types of techniques is totally normal and very much encouraged.  But you are right, it is hard to master a few when you are distracted a lot.    Perhaps you aren't ready to make a choice about your art and that's why you are easily drawn to other mediums.  If you are ready to make a choice, know that it doesn't mean you can't go back to something else here and there (or for long periods of time).

When I first started creating, collage was my favorite  medium.  And then it was journaling.  And then I knitted for a while.  I moved on to drawing.  Then water colors called me for a period of time, until I discovered acrylic paints...and at that point, I was hooked. I still do all of the things I love or loved  (well except for knitting) , but I decided when I became really serious about my craft, to zone in on acrylics.   I wanted and still want to discover all I can about the medium and stretch my limits as an artist using acrylic paint as my primary medium.  But I still want to do other things, too,  and I think when other mediums (or genres of art)  pop into my work for periods of time--they are there to serve a purpose.  They help me grow as an artist.

Really understanding why you do what you do and what your ultimate goals are as an artist (and an individual) is very important in this process as well. It's hard to know where you are going without some idea of where it is you want to go! :)   

Don't loose sleep over the fact you are in the percolating stage if in fact that is where you are.   Trust your instincts and you will know when it is to start specializing in whatever it is you want to do.  Listen to yourself  so you can hear when it is time to take a break and play with some other 'toys' or processes.  

If you are on the edge of the percolating stage and about to get off on the road to mastery, then very possibly's time to make a decision . Start drawing out a road map of how you are going to get there and stick to it.  Get excited about it and passionate about your process.  Be swayed by other things when it makes sense to, or supports your ultimate goals.

Or...maybe it's not time to make  a decision.

If you never master anything but are great at a lot of things, that's okay too.  If you are happy with the path you are on, that is all that matters.  Life is a journey and all parts of it should be enjoyed. If you aren't enjoying one part, the beauty of this life is that it's never too late change your direction. 

  Mastery does not equal success. Nor does success equal happiness. We all define each in our own way, and find our balance according to the beat of our individual drums.  Understanding our definition of mastery, success, and happiness should be perhaps a first stop on the road however.

Carry on my friends and have a fantastic weekend!

Do YOU have a burning question around the artistic life, art business, art techniques or topics you'd like to hear or learn more about?  Leave a comment here! I'd love to use them in upcoming posts!

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Near Win

"The Gift of the Near Win".  

Listening to this speech by Sarah Lewis, I felt myself drifting back in time to when I first started painting and thought about how with each painting I did, the pieces got a little better but they weren't (and still aren't) masterpieces. I didn't win anything so to speak, and often times, I felt likes saying, "man this is a piece of crap",  until someone would speak up and say--that's amazing, I love it! You do such colorful and happy work!!

Someone saw something in me that I didn't see in myself.

Not to say I didn't believe in myself, but I was and still am very hard on myself...much harder than anyone ever could be.  What if, I threw out everything that was hopelessly unfinished or less then perfect over the last few years?  I wouldn't have this art career I now have now, right??? Right!

That's not to say embracing the near win is an excuse for putting out shoddy work or just slapping something together for the sake of doing it (unless that's your intention).

Embracing the near win means that you are on a not so straight path to the finish line, and that fuel of almost getting there, feeds your motivation to do it better, learn more, and reach higher for the next time.

Hopelessly unfinished.  Incomplete works. Near wins.   We are our own biggest critics, aren't we?

  Were you shocked when Sarah mentions all the writers/artists that wanted to discard their work or never quite finished anything?  How different our world would be if that were to have happened.

What if those works were destroyed as some of the artists/writers had wanted? Imagine our culture or how history would have been changed. YOU are making history, too.  Don't throw it away.

   The pursuit of mastery  is the path where we find residence for  the large majority of our life,
" as the  final stop on the way to the end".

Place value in your near wins.  "Near Wins" have value, even more value than we ourselves can really see.

Keep practicing.

Keep honing your craft.

When you hear yourself saying...oh my gosh do you see that white mark in the upper left corner, it is hideous, what was I thinking?    Or, that portrait is horrible. the eyes are not the same size and the nose is bigger than life.

 Is it really horrible? Or are you seeing things others dismiss or never noticed in the first place? They see something else. Perhaps they see reality.   Eyes are not the same size and frankly some people have big noses. That's life.   Perhaps your viewer sees beauty in the imperfections and feels your emotion you embodied in your work.

Or perhaps it wasn't that great but it was 10x better than your first piece you did 2 years ago. That's progress and you are getting closer to the win.

I'm glad I used each near win to motivate me to do better the next time. Sometimes I succeeded and sometimes I said, I'm not there...YET.

Embrace the GIFT of a near Win.

Until next time,



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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Inspirational Messages: Do You Have The Grit Gene?

Over the last few days I've been working on lots of projects that kinda have been more computer orientated.  Okay ya...not really projects unless you call me a project..haha!  Taxes.  The good news is that last year, I was doing that in March and this is of course, January. I'm making progress on my 'work in progress' self.  

While doing 'book work' or any type of repetitive computer work (or even sometimes in the art studio), I like to listen to "Ted Talks" and amazingly, I feel like I'm 'upping' my IQ by a millimeter and expanding my critical thinking by tenfold.  wink wink.  

I thought I'd share some of my recent Ted Talks  binge listening sessions  with you over the next couple of days and share my thoughts on how they may relate to you, me, and living/working in a creative settting.

Do you think Grit plays a role in YOUR success in art, professional life, or personal best self?

I love how Angela Lee Duckworth says, ' that we need to be able to fail, to learn and to persevere over the long haul'.  I see all to often people (and it's not just in art) that become paralyzed by the thought of trying something outside of their comfort zone because they are afraid of failing.  

So what if your painting is not a masterpiece the first time you pick up the brush?  Are you in it for the long term? Is this what you want to do and are you ready to roll up your sleeves for the long haul to learn everything you can learn about your medium?

There are many talented people who do awesome at whatever they touch.  And there are others who have that 'grit' gene who have the ABILITY to be just as awesome as that talented person but they are afraid to do anything because they are not currently on the same level as person xyz.  Should that matter? Is growth and success a finite result?  Or is your learning capability a long term marathon, one that effectively increases in success and development over time and is  the result of  simply, not giving up after the first try.

Use your Grit Gene today and believe you can do anything you set your mind to.  It's not going to be easy, and you aren't going to be perfect...nor are you going to be successful each and every attempt at whatever you do...but you will (and I guarantee it) be a million times more successful by keep moving forward. Be passionate and fearless with what you do and know that achievements are won rather than given out of thin air (well most of the time..this is life after all and not everything is fair) ;)

Until we meet again,



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Friday, January 09, 2015

Keeping Good On My Resolutions..well Kinda of.

Last week, I mentioned in my blog post that one of the things I wanted to do better at or enhance my skills was in using my digital drawing program.   Good intentions, yes. In my head, I'd commit to a drawing a day but that went out the window after the first day.  I could give you a lot of excuses but the fact of the matter was  getting my class "Podtastic" up and running consumed me for the last two weeks day in and day out, so the thought of spending any more time at the computer seemed overwhelming to me.   My back ached, my neck is stiff and my eyes were strained. Even as much as I accomplished, I was still ticked at myself for not doing what I said I was going to do.

We are hardest on ourselves, aren't we?  Not that that is a bad thing, it just is why do we stress ourselves out about what we didn't do....instead of celebrate what we did accomplish. I completed a huge huge huge project! Yay!!  And I think it's really good...but the voice in my head says, you are such a can't even follow through on your resolution during week one of the New Year.  Never mind the hours and hours you did work..I still felt guilty.

Really?  It makes me laugh now writing about something so insignificant, but that's the conversation I had with myself (and it's not really a new one, it's one that I play out over and over again just change up the scenario.

Sigh.    We are all a work in progress, aren't we??    So on to celebrating the two drawings I did manage to do this week in spite of my slackerly ways:)

Here is my first---I'm calling her Hanna.  I love to draw portraits, paint portraits, and I am loving the flexibility of testing out techniques with the digital sketching.     Definitely room for improvement but not too bad for the first one of the year.  I'm not going to promise I'll do one a day or weekly for that matter, but I would like to carry on and do more then do a look back at the end of 2015.  
I'm sure it'll be fun to see the improvements as time goes on.

My next drawing was something simple--I've been doing a lot of feather related things lately. I think I'll add them to my paintings down the road.   I used my feathers created for the holidays as inspiration.   One thing I did for this which to me is a 'duh' moment was to sketch loosely in 'pencil' for my first layer.  Add a second layer, and smooth out my lines and refine my sketch with a 'marker'.  Add a third layer and start to add color (paint, marker)...add a 4th and keep adding. more details and shading, you get the picture... okay so here is what I did differently, after I was happy with the 'refinement' and started painting, I deleted the first two layers of sketching.   ha. I'm sure this is done all the time in digital drawings, it just takes us common folks a little bit to catch on!!!

Still hate my handwriting but you gotta embrace what you have or improve what you got going. :)
Here is the feather a little more close up. Not perfect mind you but not bad either ;)

So what "Aha" moments did you have this week?  
Did you learn something new or have a coming to you know what talk with yourself about something stressing you out needlessly?
Curious minds wanna know!


Here are the real (faux) feathers I did that inspired the drawings:

**If anyone is interested in feathers of your own, I will do special orders of 10 or more* Message me at    (sorry, until I carry them regularly, it's hard to do less then 10 at time because it is a pretty long process of creating them)

Have a great weekend!  Celebrate your triumphs this week and learn from your mis-steps!

Artfully yours,


Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Final Words.....

One of my favorite parts of sending out a newsletter has come to be the section "Final Words".  Sometimes the passage is random, other times it has to do with the theme of what project I'm working on,  even stories shared from a student or customer every once in a while.

Part of my plan this year is to up my game in the content I am delivering via newsletter and growing my reach of subscribers so that those that are drawn most to my work, will have the first chance on exclusive specials,  or opportunities to be a part of limited spacing classes or retreats.

Here's  sample newsletter just sent out yesterday.  Be sure to read the last passage, "Final Words".  

I'm thinking in addition to blog posts, I will use some of your suggestions from my post "Creating Good Habits" as content as well to add to the newsletter in my 'final word' section plus other suggestions sprinkled throughout the  issue.  It inspires me to no end, thinking about the possibilities!

Is there anything you'd like to learn more about or be inspired with??

Have a Happy Hump Day~!!!

BTW--today is the first day of my new class, "Podtastic"!!! Class opens to the public soon, join in at any time!

Monday, January 05, 2015

Kicking off the New Year Giveaway...Winner Revealed!

In one of my last posts, I decided to kick off the New Year by doing a little artsy giveaway for one of my  blog readers who shared their Creative Intentions for 2015. If you missed that post, the passage along with all the amazing comments are well worth the time to read and ponder. Even for myself,  I had a ton of great suggestions on what YOU would like to see from me in 2015 and in the future. I'm so pumped up with ideas and enthusiasm, thank you so much for taking the time to stop over and  sharing your thoughts with everyone at 'Sweet Repeats"!!

I know it's a little early for "Spring" yet, but honestly, the 'resolution'  or 'resolutions' for your creative  goals and  for your personal life will breathe new energy into your world. If you dream it, it can materialize. If you take action, you can see results.  If you believe in something,  run after your aspirations without looking back!

Here's to a Happy and Healthy, Prosperous and Amazing New Year for all!

.....and is our winner for the giveaway.  Out of 76 responses--my assistant aka-Random Number Generator picked number...

22Powered by RANDOM.ORGHopefully I know how to count--lol   and well, even if I don't, that winner is, Miss Kim C!
Luckily I know who Kim C because her profile doesn't link anywhere (haha...just a hint for next time, make sure everyone leaves an email so I can get a hold of you)!!

Blogger KimC said...
Personally, I love more abstract paintings and things. That would be my suggestion for your upcoming books...yes, plural. Love the idea of one abstract (pods and such) and another more whimsical, then perhaps one on faces too! Would love and my fingers are crossed for your give! I need to clean up and clear out. I need help though! I just get stuff and never delete stuff, I can't function in my room as it is. My goal this year is to get into my room and do some playing!
5:49 PM

Well, Kim,  I hope you make time for yourself, clear out the art room and make room for all the masterpieces that  are sure to come!    :)  I appreciate all your book ideas!! Or make that Books! One or more of those ideas just may manifest into a dream come true ! Who knows?!
Congratulations on your winning, I am so happy for you and I hope you enjoy your new goodies that will be coming your way!


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I hope this first Monday of the New Year treated you well...I know I enjoyed every minute of it as I took a day off and went on  a 'field trip' with some friends.  Well most of the day off. I started working again at 6pm and it's 9:30 right now...that's the thing about working for yourself, you make your own hours which can be a mostly really good thing. 
Have a great rest of the week, I'm sure we will be chatting again soon!

Sunday, January 04, 2015

10 Minute Journaler -Creative Inspiration in Short Bursts of Time

Something I hear quite often is, I don't have enough time to create.  I'm too busy doing other things.  I totally get it, we all have 72 hours worth of stuff jammed into a mere 24 hours. With that said,  I think if you took an honest look at your schedule-you'd find 10 minutes here and there or you COULD find 10 minutes if you really wanted. I know I could find about and hour more in my day if I didn't meander around the world wide web of oohh look at that, or what's that about, or who's doing what, where, and when. I get sucked up into it too...all..the..time.

How do we change? You just do.  I know I'm making small changes in my schedule that are leading to big things and making more room in my life to do things that I really want to do.  Here's a little messy grungey journal page that I did in 10 minutes.  Of course it's in speed play but I really didn't speed it up too much. I took a 10 minute video and about 1/2 it.  Is it totally done? No.  But it is further along than if I just said I didn't have any time to play and just did some other time sucking thing.

Keep those creative juices flowing by just doing something! Anything!

Some of the products used in my journal page:

Liquitex Paint Markers
Sharpie Paint Markers
Dylusions Journal
Liquitex Spray Paint
Golden paint
Fineline applicator bottles
Neocolor Watersoluble crayon.

The second side is started and ready for me to add on when I have time.  My tip of the day is to not multi-task in a fashion that leaves you going in 500 different directions all at one time, but to not waste paint or supplies if you can help it.

Swipe your excess paint on another journal page.

Wipe your opposite stencil side on another page or paper handy.

Put your stuff away after a project. I'm trying to do a better job of that and it's helping me stay focused so much more. Rather than have every art supply I own on the table, I only keep out what I'm using. I used to fear that I would forget I had something unless I left it out. Irrational, I know. Recipe for creative chaos and I've had enough of that. I want to do what I love everyday but I also want to live my personal life, too, and I can't do  both if I'm not efficient.  Hi my name is, Jodi, and I'm a recovering messy artist :))

I hope this little creative inspiration helps you to realize that 10 minutes of creative time is achievable and something cool can come out of even short bursts of time.

Until we meet again,


Friday, January 02, 2015

Creating Good Habits and a Giveaway!

There's so many things in 2015 I want to do both professionally and personally, one resolution hardly seems like enough to cover all the bases, does it?     I think I've done a lot of things right in 2014, but what I want to do more of this year  is to focus on the things that make my heart sing, projects or activities that don't stress me out or cause me to run circles around myself, and focus on making room for doors to open up to the  bigger and better adventures.

If I had to pick one word that could encompass a lot of different things it would be:  Flourish.

This word is especially meaningful because it actually is part of a title of my new friend, Julie Kaminski's book in which she used one of my paintings as the cover photo. (How cool is THAT!!!)

I've spent a lot of time thinking about what I want 2015 to look like over the last several weeks and I'm still thinking of possibilities. In some ways, I feel under the gun to decide what I want and how I want to get there right now, today. It's 2015 already for cryin' out loud!  But life doesn't work that way, does it? We are constantly changing, evolving....the pieces and parts in front of us are always changing like a kaleidoscope of opportunities.  I do know that I have come a lot further than I ever thought I could and there's more to come. Rather than beat myself up for what's not done or hasn't been decided, I'm going to just do my best, each and every day...with an eye to a future full of possibilities.

I mentioned in my last post, I want to paint bigger paintings more often. I'm doing that right now. I'm actually working on a large painting for Julie (mentioned above) so she can have her own version of the "flourishing home" in her lovely and 'flourshing home".  It's a 36 x 36 so quite a lot of work and many details to cover...but it's so gratifying seeing it come to life.   I hope to have it finished in the next couple of weeks if not sooner.

In the plans and actually already started, is a major de-cluttering of my studio. I have a new table and lots of new toys but at the same time, if I can't find what I'm doing or have room to move around my space, it's hard to stay inspired and efficient!  Efficient is more the problem rather than inspired. There's enough of that certainly but when time is wasted finding things, it's more than frustrating!  Bye bye to messy clutter!

I spend a lot of time working admittedly but I also love spending time with my boys who are the light of my life.  Josh (on the left) and I made a New Years resolution this year to be more spontaneous and to do...DO..more fun things together.  What's up first? I think we need to take off for a weekend anywhere and just have fun doing something different.   I want lots of those weekends, days, and hours to be a part of our life in 2015 and beyond.

 and more time with friends doing spontaneous things. Here I am with one of my besties on a day trip to NYC on our way to 'somewhere'. :)

Painting on my canvas is fun and I love it don't get me wrong, but I also want to make more time for trying out totally new ideas and just experiment.  After all, you never know when you are going to uncover an idea that will be life changing.    These little guys are one of my experiments from last month that I want to keep exploring.    Who knows what's next!
I also want to get back to more writing of articles and tutorials in 2015.  I love to write about art and show others not just in a classroom setting but through articles and blog posts how to do some 'coolio' things!   Here's a sneak peek at some pieces and parts for an article coming out in Cloth Paper Scissors soon using TintIT sprays and Grafixarts supplies for my project.  I love trying new art supplies so be watching for tons of new projects coming up featuring products from  some of the sponsor companies I work with for classes!
Here's a peek at another new product I received from my friends at to try sample and come up with some projects with.    These are Radiant Gels. Think modeling paste but in a gel form with color. Dimensional paint with the same hues you've come to love with Silks Acrylics and Twinkling H20s. Now you can get even more texture and dimension with these!

Speaking of writing, another goal of mine is to take the 'book' ideas I have in my head and actually send out proposals to my favorite publisher.  Who knows if anything will come of it. I did take the first step to get all the information I needed to get started, now I need to just clear my slate so I have time to focus on what's really important to me. In 2015 I will do just that.  I'm not sure what topic I'm going to submit, as I have a couple of very different's hard to know which direction to go but I'm sure I will figure it out.   Is there anything you'd love to see me write about in a book?? Curious minds wanna know!

I think I've mentioned in previous posts how much I'm loving abstracts and have created a lot of really interesting and fun pieces in 2014.  I've been busy exploring ideas behind the scenes for a new collection and a new class just on abstract composition.  This piece is one that sort of exemplifies some of the ideas I've been exploring.  What do you think?

In the winter time I love to draw. I love to draw anytime really but especially when it's too cold outside to do much. These pieces I'm going to show you are drawings but they are DIGITAL drawings. In the process of cleaning out my studio, I uncovered (aka unburied) my wacom Bamboo pentablet and remembered that I had a goal last year that I really didn't follow through on to explore digital drawings and compositions.  I did several in December which were super fun to do--take a look:
A digital portrait and layered collage...

 A fun little sketch exercise from a magazine ad (again, digital sketch)

A digital design created with my own photos then 'painted' in my digital program.
Digital drawing collage that I worked through to try to get some painting composition ideas.
And more facial parts sketches (digital). I did this yesterday while waiting for one of my videos to render.   I'm not very good at committing to things for more than a couple of weeks when it comes to creative challenges on one topic but I'm going to do my best to take January and continue to explore what I can do with my 'toys' and hopefully it jumpstarts more ideas for future projects and really, just help me become, well...better.

So those are just a few ideas I have for 2015..there's plenty more but I need to save some info for future blog posts and articles...after all, that's one of my goals to do more of in the coming year for YOU and for ME :)


What are you going to do more of? Less of? Learn in 2015? Bring into your life?
I'd love to hear your thoughts and and anything you'd like to see from me either class wise, article, tutorial, or ummm..BOOK wise!

Share your thoughts and I'll enter you in my giveaway for a 2015 goodie box of fun inspirational art supplies, magazines, or other creative stuff from some of the companies mentioned in this post.
*I'll be sure to include enough goodies to make the package worth over $50.00 probably a lot more! (hey I'm letting go of stuff in 2015, right?  My stash can be your stash too

I'll take entries from now until Sunday evening. 
Share this post and come back to comment for another entry!

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Until Next Time,  Make Today Count!